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Conflicts of Interest

Product vs. Process Conflicts of interest is an important topic we educate our clients on. It is far too often, especially in Canada, that clients are offered investment products rather […]

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Are You Clueless About The Financial Investment Fees You Pay?

Most investors are blind to the true investment fees they are paying their financial advisors who are managing their financial portfolios. In a financial study on investment fees done in […]

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The Real Truth About Financial Fees

Journalist Ben Steveraman shared the following historical financial story: About 140 years ago, a savvy Philadelphia retailer named John Wanamaker realized that his customers and salesmen were wasting lots of […]

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CRM 2: Suitable, But Not Sufficient

Below is an excerpt from Mo Lidsky, which was recently referenced in the Globe & Mail, on both the positive impacts and shortcomings of the new CRM 2 legislation for […]

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