2016 Highlight Video

Where Philanthropy & Private Equity Meet

David Rubenstein, Founder and CEO, The Carlyle Group

What Are Today’s Greatest Risks and Opportunities in the Real Estate Market

Rai Sahi, Chairman & CEO, Morguard Corporation

The Art & Science of Prediction

Dan Gardner, Best-Selling Author

Fraud and Investor Abuse: What More Can Be Done to Stop It

Mary Schapiro, 29th Chairman, United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The Mastery of Leadership

Stanley M. Bergman, Chairman and CEO, Henry Schein

Why Experts Keep Getting It Wrong

Greg Zuckerman, Author; Rising Above, The Frackers, The Greatest Trade Ever

How to Extract Value in the Equities Market

Cliff Robbins, Founder and CEO, Blue Harbour Group

Tom Claugus, Chairman and CEO, GMT Capital Corp.

Today’s Greatest Risks: A Short Seller’s Perspective

Jim Chanos, Founder and Managing Partner, Kynikos Associates LP

Gold, Commodities, & The State of the World

Pierre Lassonde, Chairman, Franco-Nevada Corporation

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