Partners in Preservation

As an investor, you have a choice. You can settle for mediocre investment advice and suboptimal results, as most investors have. Or you can learn how to identify the ideal advisor to achieve superior returns, avoid unwelcome surprises and have the highest probability of meeting your goals.

The latter choice requires an understanding of the industry and best practices employed by the most sophisticated investors on the planet. And that is what you will find in this book.

Within these pages you will learn what today’s advisory landscape looks like and how to navigate towards those who can help you make better investment decisions.

Make the right choice. Find a true Partner in Preservation.

The Quest for Better Investment Decisions

In 2012, we wrote In Search of the Prime Quadrant: The Quest for Better Investment Decisions to help private individuals and families become better stewards of their wealth.
Given the range of inferior options in the industry, many people are [rightfully] overwhelmed by the prospect of investing their capital.

The fact is, while investing is difficult, people can make sophisticated investment choices, as long as they maintain the right frame of mind, invest the time and have proper guidance from a trusted professional.

In Search of the Prime Quadrant articulates our investing philosophy in a way that all people, regardless of financial background, can understand.

In Search of the Prime Quadrant: The Quest for Better Investment Decisions is available at Amazon and Indigo.

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