Investment Planning

The most important step in any investor’s journey is the creation of a roadmap, which asks “how exactly will we get where we want to go?” In financial terms, this is the creation of an Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”).

The IPS will help you create an appropriate set of objectives and goals for your entire portfolio, guide asset allocation and support early-stage portfolio construction.

The IPS includes all the important personal considerations and defines the parameters for selecting investments. It becomes the constitution that governs virtually all investment decisions.

Some elements of an IPS include:

  • Return Requirements
  • Risk Types & Tolerance
  • Cash Flow Requirements
  • Liquidity Constraints
  • Drawdown Constraints
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Benchmarks
  • Rebalancing

Learn more about our investment policy statement process by downloading the below IPS summary sheet.

Download Summary

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