We pride ourselves on swimming against the pack.

The PQ Difference

A few ways that working with Prime Quadrant is different:

Time-Based Compensation

We charge based on time, rather than assets under management or commissions. We have no incentive to sell any investment products and our clients have complete transparency.

Pure Advice

We provide detailed guidance and education to our clients in order to ensure that they can determine their own course of action with peace of mind. Our clients retain full control of decision-making, while we do the heavy lifting to ensure the decisions are wise.

Global Alternative Investments

Our clients receive the benefits of increased diversification by allocating to investments across the world and in different asset classes, such as real estate, private equity and hedged or absolute return strategies, as opposed to just stocks and bonds.


As a result of our unique accessibility to best-in-class opportunities around the world we are able to afford our clients the highest returns per unit of risk. In addition, these opportunities are not compromised in any way as we do not have any conflict of interest or loyalties to any product, firm, or asset class.

Holistic Reporting

Our approach to our clients’ estate planning is entirely holistic. We craft a holistic financial plan based on all unique needs and considerations and will spend however long is necessary with our clients to fulfill this purpose.

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