Only The Best Investments

Prime Quadrant works only with investment managers that have impeccable integrity, the highest moral standards, and an established track-records of superior results.

Given the high volume of manager inquiries and deal opportunities we receive, we have a disciplined research process that allows us to be protective of our time.
Please rest assured that Prime Quadrant will monitor the performance of any fund or opportunity that meets our criteria, and will contact you if there is an interest in your product or service.

Our process for making allocation decisions is outlined below.

  1. Initial Screen: All information pertaining to the investment opportunity should be sent to The initial screen will assess if the opportunity meets all our minimum criteria.
  2. Research Report: If the opportunity passes the initial screen, we proceed to develop a comprehensive research report, addressing questions relevant to the investment opportunity or strategy, and doing background checks on the individuals involved. Those with sufficient answers will be considered for further due diligence.
  3. Meeting: Once the research report is completed, Prime Quadrant will conduct in-person interviews and site visits to ensure suitability.
  4. Investment Committee Meeting: Once all three steps are completed, there will be a meeting of the investment committee, where a decision will be reached on the timing and size of allocation.

Note to all Other Service Providers:

All information should be sent electronically to Please trust that Prime Quadrant reviews all inquiries, keeps information on file, and will be in touch should there be a need or interest.

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