As we enter our second month of unprecedented chaos, both navigating and assessing the economic landscape is challenging, and financial decisions feel quite different. It is now more important than ever to have the benefit of historical context, healthy behavioral perspective, and best practices being employed by other family offices or ultra-high net worth investors.

There are questions that span the gamut of portfolios, policy, risk management, family dynamics, and other systemic or personal concerns. We are here to help you address them through the Family Office Hotline.


Call us at 437 - 703 - 0870


 What is the Family Office Hotline?

  • The Family Office Hotline (FOH) is a free phone service (and webform) to offer an unbiased perspective on markets and help answer questions that investors are facing during this crisis.
  • The FOH will be open 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, but since all the consultants who are volunteering their time for FOH are also advising families and operating on Eastern Standard Time, responses – whether by email or phone – will likely be limited to 7 am-10 pm EST.
  • FOH may offer general information on best practices, context around risks and opportunities, historical context, the role of behavioral biases in this market, and a potential referrer to other resources.
  • FOH is intended as a place to open your mind to explore intervention strategies, and provide comfort and direct to further helpful resources.
  • All conversations are 100% confidential. None of the details of any call will be shared. Though, a response (which wouldn’t include any specifics from the question) may be posted on the FAQ site for the benefit of others.
  • Bottom line, we are here for you. No matter what’s on your mind, we’re here to listen and offer any helpful insight we can offer. No judgment. Totally private. Anytime you want to chat.


What the Family Office Hotline is NOT:

  • The FOH will not be providing you with prescriptive advice.
  • The FOH will not be recommending specific investments.
  • The FOH will not be charging any fees, but also will be time-limited.
  • The FOH is not a replacement for personalized financial or investment advice.

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