Whether you or someone in your family is anxious about the current state of your portfolio, feels paralyzed by the markets, a call to the Family Office Hotline is a good way to place to start. There are many questions across the family office macrocosm of concerns – investments, estate planning, philanthropy, financial planning, governance, etc. – that can start to be addressed through FOH. No concern is too great or too small.  FOH volunteers will be able to connect those in need with more meaningful support or additional resources.


Who can and cannot call us?

While we would be happy to speak with everyone, we are significantly constrained on time and can only respond to questions from private investors, individuals that are employed by a single-family office or family members?    The purpose of FOH is to have a positive impact on our investor community at this tumultuous time. It is not intended for brokers, financial advisors, or anyone that has anything to sell either our team, our families or other callers. As well, curious individuals for whom our expertise is largely irrelevant (as they are neither a family office nor ultra-high net worth investor) please be respectful of our limited time.


What are the signs that I can benefit from FOH?  

  • Feel paralyzed by indecision or fear of making the wrong decision
  • Experiencing pressure by family members, advisors or staff
  • Considering a dramatic action (i.e. selling everything, backing up the truck, etc.)
  • Losing sleep over the state of my assets, portfolio or specific decisions.
  • Confused about what options I may have at this time.
  • Curious if my experience is typical or aberrational from others.
  • Unsure about what changes are temporary or permeant,
  • Want to anticipate or consider second-order effects of the crisis
  • Don’t know what risks or opportunities I’m not properly considering
  • Uncertain which market developments will and will not affect me


How do we make the call most effective?

  • Please write down your question or topics you’d like to discuss.
  • Please be prepared to provide background for your question and a bit of context
  • Please have pen and paper or note-taking tools handy.
  • Allow 15-30 minutes of time for discussion.
  • Recognize that the volunteer consultants may be busy fielding another call, so please provide your full name, a call back number, and suggested times to call you back. Please state your name and number twice to ensure it is not muffled in the recoding.
  • For greatest certainty, please submit your question in the text box below and you will receive a response within 24 hours.
  • For anyone uncomfortable making the call, please use the text box below to pose the questions and check the box for preferred response mechanism (email or phone)


Who will be on the other end of the line?

The FOH is being sponsored by Prime Quadrant, which has been consulting to family offices and ultra-high net worth investors for 23 years. Our consultants come from across industries, and the broadest array of asset classes, and have dealt with virtually any issue a family might face. Notwithstanding the 300+ years of experience between them, we are constantly learning and do not have all the answers. If a consultant will not have an answer top of mind, they will tell you so and circle back with you within 24 hours.


What questions have we received thus far?   

Visit our Investor FAQs page to see our answers to previously asked questions.


Call us at 437 - 703 - 0870

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