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My Barista’s Inspiration for the Year Ahead

Written by Mo Lidsky, Partner and Senior Managing Director of Prime Quadrant This uncharacteristically older Filipino barista had a smile before I approached her. It was 6:30am on New Year’s […]

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The Brilliance of Avoiding Stupidity

Article written by: Mo Lidsky, Partner and Senior Managing Director at Prime Quadrant He has repeatedly claimed that his wealth is largely due to his ability to avoid mistakes rather […]

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The Five-Point Path to Generational Wealth Transfer – Part I

Many investors we meet with have a similar overarching goal for their investments. Simply put, they wish to protect the value of their net worth, after inflation, while covering their […]

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Investor Biases: Frame Dependence

There’s a famous story about rabbinic student that approaches his Rabbi and asks, “Rabbi, am I allowed to smoke when I’m praying?” to which the Rabbi affirmatively responds “Absolutely not. […]

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Are You Clueless About The Financial Investment Fees You Pay?

Most investors are blind to the true investment fees they are paying their financial advisors who are managing their financial portfolios. In a financial study on investment fees done in […]

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financial fee price tags
The Real Truth About Financial Fees

Journalist Ben Steveraman shared the following historical financial story: About 140 years ago, a savvy Philadelphia retailer named John Wanamaker realized that his customers and salesmen were wasting lots of […]

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Succession Planning
Succession Planning: Four Steps

“Succession planning is the best way to ensure that our children become responsible stewards of our wealth” Succession planning isn’t always cut and paste. There are many things to take […]

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Investment Fees
CRM 2: Suitable, But Not Sufficient

Below is an excerpt from Mo Lidsky, which was recently referenced in the Globe & Mail, on both the positive impacts and shortcomings of the new CRM 2 legislation for […]

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Investment Misconception
Investment Misconception: Equities are not as risky as people make them out to be

Investment Misconception #1: “Equities are not as risky as people make them out to be, since markets tend to rise” Why is this an investment misconception? On average and over […]

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