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Market Signals Amidst Uncertainty

During a crisis, such as the one we’re experiencing, there is a natural tendency and desire to react. This is how we have survived as a species. Reacting quickly when […]

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Being 100% Right on the Trend and 100% Wrong on the Execution

Let us assume we know that the price of sanitizer will go up. Our initial reaction might be to visit the closest store to buy what we can because we […]

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Family Cohesiveness and What Families can Learn During this Period.

Can Families Walk Away Stronger? A pandemic can create an environment of disruption, uncertainty and fear. On the other hand, it can spark innovation, creativity, and the opportunity for development. […]

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Why Aren’t We Down More? What is Happening in the Market?!?

Video #5 of Mo’s COVID-19 Video Updates:   Transcript Today, over 30 million people in North America are unemployed. That is more than the entire population of Australia and the […]

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Who Pays For This?

The federal government will run a $3.8 trillion deficit this year and $2.1 trillion next year. Those estimates, from a budget-focused think tank, don’t include what’s almost certain to be another multi-trillion-dollar […]

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[VIDEO] Why the Stock Market Hasn’t Even Gotten Cheap Yet

We published this last night and the views started going through the roof almost immediately. I connected with Rob Arnott, who has taught me so much about investing over the years, and […]

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[PODCAST] What coronavirus means for the global economy

I’m a capitalist. I believe in the system. I believe you can increase the size of the pie and you could divide it well,” says Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater […]

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Howard Marks’ Memos

In the first of the four memos, Nobody Knows II, I described the distinction made by Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch.  He said there are (a) facts, (b) informed extrapolations from analogies […]

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The Fed finds another kitchen sink to throw at us

This morning, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will be speaking on the just-unveiled $2.3 trillion plan to get more money flowing throughout our shutdown economy. The Fed’s dual mandate is […]

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The S&P 500 is mostly concerned with duration (chart)

Building on my post from the other day, ‘Not Depth…Duration’, I want to show you something from this morning’s Bank of America Merrill Lynch Chart Blast – it shows a very […]

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