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Issue 101: A Peek Into: Outcome Bias, Decision Fatigue, and the Economic Machine
Issue 102: A Peek Into: Lady Luck, Brokers vs. Fiduciaries, and Investment Skills
Issue 103: A Peek Into: Negativity Bias, Keynesian Investing, and the Dearth of Women
Issue 104: A Peek Into: Falsification, Forecasts, and Free Throws
Issue 105: A Peek Into: Dishonesty, Unconventional Behaviour, and the Sway of Storytelling
Issue 106: A Peek Into: Premortems, Incentives, and Fewer Foolish Decisions
Issue 107: A Peek Into: Experts at Odds, Overlooking the Obvious, and Lessons from Financial Crisis
Issue 108: A Peek Into: Magic Tricks, the Baseball-Card Bust, and Achieving the Impossible
Issue 109: A Peek Into: The Seahawks, Home Bias, and a Better Way to Teach Kids About Money
Issue 110: A Peek Into: Not Knowing, Lessons from Berkshire, and Blame vs. Accountability
Issue 111: A Peek Into: Unpredictability, Liquidity, and the Limits of Hero Worship
Issue 112: A Peek Into: Data Fetishes, Fairer Fees, and Forced Decisions
Issue 113: A Peek Into: NFL Drafts, the ‘Do Something Bias’, and Looking in the Fridge
Issue 114: A Peek Into: Investor Needs, Dinosaurs and the Root of Our Problems
Issue 115: A Peek Into: Uncertainty, the Death of Cash and Your Little Troublemakers
Issue 116: A Peek Into: Blind Spots, Buying Boats, and Recognizing the Bogus
Issue 117: A Peek Into: Behavioural Economics, Puzzles and the Hippocratic Oath
Issue 118: A Peek Into: Ignore Goals, Nudging and the Stray Brain
Issue 119: A Peek Into: Growth Mind-Set, Intelligence and Effective People
Issue 120: A Peek Into: Sports Fans, Icarus and the Bond King’s Advisor
Issue 121: A Peek Into: What Buffett Wouldn’t Do, The Process of Processes, and Coordination
Issue 122: A Peek Into: Benchmarking, Succession Plans, and Market Inefficiencies
Issue 123: A Peek Into: The Munger Operating System, Your Hairdresser’s Education, and Performance vs. Outcomes
Issue 124: A Peek Into: Multitasking, The “No” Advisor, and The 5P’s of Risk Management
Issue 125: A Peek Into: Illiquidity, Jewelry, and Shared Delusions
Issue 126: A Peek Into: Diversification, Eating Your Own Cooking, and CRM2
Issue 127: A Peek Into: Goalposts, Melt-Ups and Inflation
Issue 128: A Peek Into: Executing Decisions, Expectations and Frame Dependence
Issue 129: A Peek Into: Brutal Honesty, Expert Opinions, and Avoiding Stupidity
Issue 130: A Peek Into: Why We Dig In, Facts and Fiction, and Deferred Maintenance
Issue 131: A Peek Into: Journalists, Risk, and the Eighth Wonder
Issue 132: A Peek Into: Mental Pollution, Discipline, and Risk Management
Issue 133: A Peek Into: Satisfaction Yield, Quants and Having Options
Issue 134: A Peek Into: The 6 Human Needs, Trends, and Fighting Complacency
Issue 135: A Peek Into: The Theory of Maybes, Investor Maturity, and Analyzing Success
Issue 136: A Peek Into: Behavioral Finance, Getting a Coach, and Managing Incentives
Issue 137: A Peek Into: Ironies of Luck, Blind-Spot Bias, and Rebalancing
Issue 138: A Peek Into: The Costliest Bias, Rationality, and Unrealistic Expectations
Issue 139: A Peek Into: Short-Sightedness, The Psychology of Money, and Assessing Risk
Issue 140: A Peek Into: The PQ Conference, The Cost of Not Paying Attention, and Appealing to Fictions
Issue 141: A Peek Into: Big Decisions, Time Horizons and 2018 Reflections
Issue 142: A Peek Into: Compounding Behavioral Effects, Rational vs. Reasonable, Defending Patience
Issue 143: A Peek Into: The True Cost of Trust, The Wealthiest Woman on Wall Street, and What Makes a Great Investor                                                                                                                              Issue 144:  A Peek Into: Successful Habit (Re)Formation; A Decade in Review and Investment Practices that May Change Your Life


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