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Jinal Patel

Jinal Patel is the Head of Finance at Prime Quadrant. Prior to joining Prime Quadrant, Jinal was a Team Lead in the Operational Due Diligence (ODD) group of Albourne Partners […]

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Alex Gould

Alex Gould is the Director of Leadership & Family Dynamics Consulting at Prime Quadrant. Alex holds over 8 years of experience dealing with communication, leadership, and culture coaching and consulting. […]

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Mark Roth

Mark is the Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Risk Officer at Prime Quadrant. Prior to joining Prime Quadrant, Mark held the role of Co-President, Operations & Strategy and CCO for […]

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Portrait of Nancy Mashall, Director of Strategy and Development
Nancy Marshall

Nancy Marshall is the Director of Strategy and Development at Prime Quadrant. She is responsible for the firms’ strategic engagement efforts. Prior to joining Prime Quadrant, Nancy worked with ultra-affluent […]

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Alex Da Costa

Alex Da Costa is the Head of Investments at Prime Quadrant. Alex comes to Prime Quadrant with 21 years of experience working in Alternative Investments, doing both research and portfolio […]

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Angela Smith

Angela is the Director of Family Office Services at Prime Quadrant. Angela began her career as an articling student at Deloitte in Calgary. Angela worked with both the audit and […]

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Wayne Edelist

Wayne is a Senior Consultant at Prime Quadrant. He brings to his clients the experience and investing knowledge earned during an international career in finance, spanning 25 years and counting. […]

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Trish Wilson

Trish Wilson is Director of Client Satisfaction. Prior to joining Prime Quadrant, Trish spent over 10 years at RBC in Client Care Management and Private Banking where year over year […]

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Reva Luft

Reva Luft is Director of Communications at Prime Quadrant, and Program Director for our annual Prime Quadrant Conference. Prior to joining Prime Quadrant, Reva worked in business development at BMO […]

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Stephen Joakim

Stephen serves as the Director of Operations for Prime Quadrant. Stephen brings over 12 years of experience in the Alternative Investment landscape, with a focus on the Operations & Fund […]

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