Prime Quadrant is an investment research and consulting firm.

Canada’s Leading Investment Research & Consulting Firm

Our Toronto-based firm helps high-net-worth individuals make the best investment decisions and support all their wealth management needs. Prime Quadrant has over $4.5 billion of assets under consultation and our team of talented professionals works based on a unique investment model in the industry, which empowers our clients to reach their long-term goals.

Core Values

In every interaction with our clients, our goal is to help them make better investment decisions. We try to achieve this goal by following our core values and business practices:

Uncompromising Integrity

“Honesty has no price”
We are committed to putting the investor first. Our unmatched alignment of interest with our clients gives them confidence that we are always in their corner.

Investor Empowerment

“Investing with you, not for you”
We educate investors – not simply allocate their capital – giving them the knowledge, confidence and comfort to make better investment decisions.

Raising the Bar

“Passionate about perpetual improvement”
We have no tolerance for mediocrity, constantly setting a higher standard for ourselves and our industry. Our search for the best strategies, practices and investment talent never ends.

Discipline and Process

“Find the facts and let them speak”
We are laser focused on processes and facts, rather than whims and sentiment. Clients appreciate the clarity we bring them, and better investment decisions depend on it.


“Expanding knowledge, learning from everyone”
We know when the right question is more important than the right answer. By starting every “what” with “why” we maximize success for our Prime Quadrant clients.

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