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If you are interested in attending the Prime Quadrant Conference on October 30, 2024, please fill out the following form.

Invitation requests for 2024 are now open

Please note that this conference is by invitation only. All invitation requests must be vetted by our event committee, with the exception of our Prime Quadrant client families.

Only those who are ultra-affluent investors themselves and/or representing a family office are eligible to attend. With the exception of the speakers and hand-selected group of sponsors, all service providers, investment advisors, and professional asset managers will not be accepted.
This conference is exclusively for family offices and ultra-affluent investors interested in becoming better investors and stewards of their wealth
12th Annual Conference
October 30, 2024
The Carlu
444 Yonge Street, 7th Floor
Toronto, ON M5B 2H4
TEL: +1 (416) 597-1931
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