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What distinguishes you from the competition?
What is the difference between Prime Quadrant and a traditional financial advisor?
What is the difference between Prime Quadrant and a money manager?
What is the fee schedule for Prime Quadrant?
How does Prime Quadrant assist their clients in reducing the fees paid to asset managers?
Do you receive referral fees or other incentives from third parties?
What is the minimum investment size for Prime Quadrant clients?
Does Prime Quadrant offer any tax or estate planning services?
What is your investment philosophy?
How do you assist clients with Impact Investing?
Who is your custodian?


What is considered a good rate of return on my money?
How do I measure the risk on an investment?
Whom can I trust to help me get the right investment solutions?
What is a normal investment management fee?
What is a hedge fund and how do hedge fund strategies work?
Does it make a difference if I am an Accredited Investor or a Permitted Client?
What are Alternative investments?
How do I protect myself from inflation?
How can I get a properly diversified portfolio?
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