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Our Story

We started with the belief that Canada’s ultra-affluent families and family offices deserved better.  Better alignment of interests, better diversity of opportunities, better planning, and better outcomes.  We believe that our job is to educate and empower our families to become extraordinary stewards of capital.

Our History

Prime Quadrant was founded as a single family office in the late 1990s. Our founder had accumulated a sizable nest egg through various entrepreneurial efforts and was seeking a wealth management solution that gave him the best opportunity to preserve his wealth. As he canvassed the marketplace, he quickly learned that what he was looking for in an advisor did not exist. Specifically, he was looking for an advisor that would provide him with the following:

  • Aligned advice and unbiased research
  • Diversification across asset classes and geographies
  • Access to best-in-class investment opportunities
  • A disciplined process for managing his family’s wealth
  • Someone to look after all the needs of the family (e.g., education, governance, administration, etc.)

Refusing to settle for the sub-standard solutions that existed in the market, he decided to manage his own capital and established Prime Quadrant. Over time, other families and entrepreneurs approached Prime Quadrant for independent advice, and we eventually evolved into a multi-family office serving over 150 ultra-affluent families. The principles, values and philosophy upon which we were built remain part of our DNA. Today, we are blessed to have a remarkably experienced team, serving families and providing bespoke advice to assist with all their financial needs.

Our Community Support
The mission of the Prime Quadrant Foundation is to improve the quality of life and healthcare in our communities. Every single event we host has the goal of raising money for our community.  Through our charitable initiatives, we have helped raise millions of dollars and are humbled to have served as catalyst donors for transformative initiatives such as the Medical Psychiatry Alliance, the SickKids vs. Limits Campaign and Mount Sinai Hospital's Obstetrical Procedure Room.  

Besides raising millions towards healthcare initiatives through our family office events, we donate our time to our communities. Every year we partner with organizations such as Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, Canadian Cancer Society, and the Breakfast Clubs of Canada by participating in projects that engage our entire team in volunteerism, leadership and civic engagement.
Some of our significant beneficiaries have included:
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Prime Quadrant

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