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Empowering Families For The Future

Because affluent families and family offices deserve better.

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Our Values


We focus on helping families achieve their highest priorities and empowering them to make better decisions.


We are always aligned, transparent and squarely in the client’s corner. Our integrity and independence are our most valued asset.


We are relentless learners who prize excellence, always seeking to set a higher standard for ourselves and our industry.


We value those around us, recognizing that nothing meaningful can be achieved without our collective efforts.

Prime Quadrant at a Glance

We help affluent families make better decisions and achieve their most important goals.


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Ultra Affluent Canadian Families


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Families Empowered Through Education


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what sets us apart?

Retainer Based Fee Model

We have a simple and transparent fee model where clients pay a fixed monthly fee that is not influenced by the size of one’s portfolio or whether or not they engage in any specific transactions.


Our retainer-based structure allows us to eliminate many of the conflicts of interest that exist in the industry and help recommend only those opportunities that are most suitable for each individual client.


We take a holistic approach to serving families, integrating all aspects of the families’ financial world, providing comprehensive reporting and advice in coordination with all of the family’s advisors.


We help our client families gain access to some of the leading investment managers and opportunities around the world, which are often only accessible to large and highly sophisticated investors.

Multi-Asset Class Approach

Our investment consulting services cover the full spectrum of asset classes, helping clients achieve best-practice diversification in both publicly traded and private investments across seven asset classes.
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(1) Assets Under Consultation ™ (AUC) is a different standard of measurement than the more traditional Assets Under Management (AUM). We believe AUC provides a fairer representation of our comprehensive service model. We provide strategic consulting services across our client families’ entire universe of assets, regardless of the nature of those assets, how they were sourced or where they are custodied.

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