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Helping Families Across the
Family Office Macrocosm™

Supporting your family's financial, social, and human capital needs.

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Family Office Macrocosm™

We provide our client families with advice and education across all dimensions of the Family Office Macrocosm™, always looking out for their best interest. This allows families to focus on their most important objectives, while preserving what has been built and empowering them for the future.


With each family, we undertake a comprehensive process to gain a deep understanding of their unique needs and objectives before providing any advice or recommendations for investments, resources or solutions. With families that have already completed holistic and integrated planning, we will work with their existing plans to optimize their path towards achieving their objectives, and provide access to the research, resources and opportunities that will help them get there.

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Wealth offers families great advantages but can also introduce challenges and complex family dynamics. We work closely with families to help articulate and support their vision and values so that legacy planning is a collaborative process.

We work inter-generationally, ensuring that all family members can benefit from curated education, tailored facilitation and understanding of best practices across all aspects of inter-generational needs.


Whether in their community or across the globe, we support families in making a difference in a manner aligned with their values and vision. Strategic philanthropy can also help foster a family's values across generations, bringing the family closer together and helping others at the same time.

We also help families tailor investment portfolios to their level of social consciousness, while ensuring that they are aligned with all other goals and objectives.

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Working in concert with tax and legal professionals, we ensure that all assets are structured optimally and in a tax-efficient manner that is consistent with the values and vision of all stakeholders across generations.

This involves ongoing support to verify that each asset is in the right entity and account to factor in cross border and estate planning considerations, along with the many other needs, aspirations, and concerns of our families.

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The administration of the family's affairs is often one of the largest pain points for families.  Prime Quadrant can provide support with bookkeeping and bill payment services along with consolidated investment reporting, ensuring that families have a holistic view of all their assets, regardless of where they are managed.

Prime Quadrant can also assist in the areas of budgeting and financial statement preparation as well as being a resource for staff and personal asset management.

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