Case Study: Philanthropic Mission


After the sale of their family business, a multi-generational family created a vision to ensure their family legacy would live on in their community.

Initially, the family established a private family foundation with a portion of their capital from the sale. Following the setup of the foundation (and ensuring it was established in the same year as the company sale in order to maximize tax efficiency), Prime Quadrant utilized its facilitative approach to engage all three generations and help define the family’s mission, vision and values. A member of the third generation is the administrator of the foundation and the foundation’s board has representation from all three generations of the family.

As a result, the family has solidified their legacy and are providing their community with much needed support in areas that the family is passionate about. The family is also in agreement that the process of creating and operating the foundation has brought them all closer.

* This case study is not a statement of a client’s experience with our firm (not a client testimonial), but rather is derived from our firm’s experience and is offered for educational and illustrative purposes only.  We do not know whether clients on whom these case studies are based approve or disapprove of our services.