Case Study: Family Office Infrastructure


A family experienced a significant liquidity event where a large operating business was sold. With the corporate infrastructure no longer available to them, the family turned to Prime Quadrant for advice on developing the framework necessary for a family office.

With the family still owning and running another operating business, Prime Quadrant:

  • Assisted in the hiring of a company accountant
  • Attends operating business bi-weekly meetings to review financial statements
  • Coordinates the year-end tax and accounting compliance
  • Liaises with the accountant to opine on third party investment tax structures
  • Coordinates structural planning and treasury and cash flow management for the family
  • Deals with subscription documents and capital calls on all investments

Prime Quadrant has assisted the family in creating the infrastructure and functionality of a family office at a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be necessary to staff a complete single family office.