Case Study: Family Office Infrastructure


A family experienced a significant liquidity event where a large operating business was sold. With the corporate infrastructure no longer available to them, the family turned to Prime Quadrant for advice on developing the framework necessary for a family office.

With the family still owning and running another operating business, Prime Quadrant:

  • Assisted in the hiring of a company accountant
  • Attends operating business bi-weekly meetings to review financial statements
  • Coordinates the year-end tax and accounting compliance
  • Liaises with the accountant to opine on third party investment tax structures
  • Coordinates structural planning and treasury and cash flow management for the family
  • Deals with subscription documents and capital calls on all investments

Prime Quadrant has assisted the family in creating the infrastructure and functionality of a family office at a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be necessary to staff a complete single family office.

* This case study is not a statement of a client’s experience with our firm (not a client testimonial), but rather is derived from our firm’s experience and is offered for educational and illustrative purposes only.  We do not know whether clients on whom these case studies are based approve or disapprove of our services.