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Taking your Family to the Next Level

August 12, 2020

You may already know what a Vision Statement is in a corporate context, but have you ever considered having one for your family?

What is a Family Vision Statement?

Let’s consider for a moment what a Vision Statement is: an aspirational description of what you would like to achieve in the long-term. Put another way, it inspires your goals and articulates what “getting there” looks like. Wouldn’t you want that for your family?

To create a Vision Statement for your family, you need to start by defining your own personal vision with vivid, clear, and measurable statements. This is an opportunity to reflect on your values and goals in the absence of outside pressures or opinions. It provides an opportunity to contemplate the true intricacies of life, what matters most to you, where are you going and why you want to get there.

Now at this point, I may have lost some of you. It sounds too ‘fluffy’. But wait! There is a compelling reason to stick with me on this. The results for you and your family will be well worth it...

Work Together

Once you have created your personal vision statement, you then work to combine this with the vision statements of your family members. This is where the magic happens. The key to uncovering your family’s unique values and goals lies in the process. In fact, the process is just as important, if not more so than the end product.

Start by listening to one another. Have meaningful conversations about each family members’ top values and the goals they want to work towards. Your confidence and trust in each other will grow through this process and you will start to see where you are aligned with one another and where further conversation is needed.  Do you want to retire early and use your wealth to travel the world, only to find out that your significant other wants to work well into their golden years? Do you want out of the family business, yet you discover that your siblings are convinced you will be the one to lead it one day? The more aligned you become throughout this process, the more powerful you will be moving forward as a coordinated team.

The result? A shared vision, as well as a shared sense of values and purpose that is unique to you and your family. Your family’s Vision Statement is a sign that you are intentional about creating a cohesive and supportive unit that works together to achieve greatness. Once your family’s Vision Statement is complete, it will seem quite simple. But if is done right, the process to get there will take significant effort and dedication from all family members.

Your Vision Statement Will Evolve as Your Family Grows

From here, remember that your family Vision Statement is something that will evolve as your family grows. This is a life-long process that should be revisited every now and then to keep your family unified and on track.

Starting is often the most significant hurdle. To get you started, consider this question…Looking back three years from now, what must be true for you to feel progress has been made personally, professionally and within your family?